Why Memorize  

Create a database on your PC
Store a lifetime of bookmarks, emails, files, notes, objects and patterns as a single database file
Learn by storing patterns
Create useful database indexes and patterns instead of memorizing subjects
Automate web browsing
Triage, analyze and lookup data automatically as you browse multiple webpages
Why memorize anything?
Albert Einstein famously said: "Never memorize something you can look up"
Manage visual patterns
Start with simple views and grow them to any level of complexity
Remember stuff for you
Once you trust your database, you can stop committing useless information to long-term memory
Manage many browsers
Organize, automate and save position of browser tabs and windows
Make key info easy to find
Create views of frequent info and place at key location on your desktop
Search by image or pattern
Create views using complex filters and search patterns
Create bookmark directories
Create groups of websites or search engines to simplify browsing
The encyclopedia of your life
Your database becomes a record you can share of your life's knowledge
Research is continuing
Numerous features are under development to eliminate the need to memorize data

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